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5 Money-Making Moves for Caterers to Crush Halloween

catering business halloween catering halloween marketing Oct 27, 2023

Did you know that Americans spent $10 billion on Halloween in 2021? Yeah, you heard that right—billion, with a capital 'B.' So, what slice of that pumpkin pie are you getting? If your answer is 'not enough,' then sit tight. I have got 5 proven, killer strategies to boost your catering sales and make this Halloween your most profitable one yet.

Ready to turn tricks into treats?

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Strategy 1: Create a Catering Menu with Halloween-Themed Dishes

Look, people are tired of the same old chips and dip. Halloween is your chance to get creative and wow your customers. Think meatball eyeballs, spooky Halloween lasagna, or even mummy-wrapped sausages. A themed menu not only sets you apart but also makes your service unforgettable. Plus, it gives you an insane amount of content for marketing. Trust me, people will talk, and that’s exactly what you want. Consider using limited-time offers on these dishes to create urgency. Remember, a themed menu is like a story; it should take your customers on a journey they won't forget.


Strategy 2: Create an SEO-Friendly Page about Your Halloween Dishes and Services on Your Website

Alright, now that you have got your creative Halloween menu. Now, make Google your best friend. Create an SEO-optimized page showcasing your Halloween offerings on your website. Focus on keywords that people are actually searching for, like "Halloween catering in [your area]." This will boost your website traffic and get those orders rolling in. SEO isn't just a buzzword; it's your ticket to get noticed. So make sure to create a new web page and follow all the on-page SEO strategies.


Strategy 3: Email All Your Existing Customers About Your New Halloween-Inspired Menu

Don't overlook your loyal fanbase; they're your low-hanging fruit. Shoot them an email showcasing your Halloween menu. Make it tantalizing, with pictures and mouthwatering descriptions. Offer a special discount or a freebie for early orders. An email blast is a quick and cost-effective way to get the word out. They already love you; give them a reason to love you even more. Use A/B testing to see what headlines or email content gets the most opens and clicks. Maximize this channel; your existing customers are your easiest route to quick sales.


Strategy 4: Post on All Your Social Media Handles About Your Halloween Services

Your social media is your billboard. Use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter—whatever platforms you're on—to make some noise. Show behind-the-scenes of your prep work for your new Halloween dishes. Do a live taste-testing, or even share customer testimonials. The key is consistency and high-quality visuals. Get people drooling over your offerings. Social media is where people like to get entertained, so make sure you catch their attention. Utilize hashtags to increase your reach beyond your followers.


Strategy 5: Post on Your Google Business Page About Your Halloween Menu

Last but not least, update your Google Business Profile. Many people go straight to Google when they're looking for catering options. Post pictures of your Halloween dishes inside your Google Business Profile. It's an easy update, but you'd be surprised how many leads you can get from it. It will take you less than 5 minutes to do this. Login to your GBP and then click on add an update. And then, simply add a description and a photo and a the link to the web-page for your Halloween Page.

There you go! Halloween is a marketing gold-mine; don't let it slip through your fingers. Get on these tips, and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

If you want to learn a few more strategies on how to advertise your food business, then make sure to watch this video titled -  7 Tips for Marketing Your Catering Business Online - And How ChatGPT Makes It Easier. Until next time, do something different for your business today so you can live a better life tomorrow.



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