6 High-Impact Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Catering Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

The hospitality sector is worst affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses have virtually come to a standstill altogether, which is terrifying!

On a positive note, in the last couple of months, countries are trying to get back on track and learning to live with this virus. 

So, whether you own a family bistro across town, a hotel at an eminent tourist destination, or an event catering company, it’s time to flush out all the negativity from your head.

Instead, seek innovative ideas to get your derailed business back on track. Start from square one and find fresh ways to market your catering business again.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up six killer marketing ideas to promote your catering business amid the COVID-19 crisis. So, let’s check these: -

#1 Revamp Your Website For a Fresh Start After Lockdown

Your website is a powerful lead-generation tool, and spending in revamping it is the need of the hour to bail out...

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