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Michael - Owner of NYC Cafe & Catering

Michael bought my restaurant in 2018. I stuck around to help with the catering until he was ready to do it on his own. After that, I launched Al Shan Marketing to help other food entrepreneurs.


Dave - Owner of Fit 4u Meal Prep

Dave kicked off his journey with our Digital Marketing Services at $750/month. Seven months in, he shifted gears to our coaching program, eager to master the game himself and bring it all in-house, cutting costs along the way.


Jimmy - Owner of Luxe Restaurant

Luxe Restaurant initially came to us for a website refresh, but once they saw our potential to boost their catering sales, we teamed up to make it a reality. They jumped on our $750/month service to start their journey and we did help them with coaching as well.


Jon - Owner of Eat BBop & Catering

Jon jumped into my coaching program and in no time, he scored 22 catering leads, translating to $8,000 in gigs. The icing on the cake? Our written guarantee. If he wasn’t over the moon after 6 months, we promised a full refund.


Megan - Owner of Well Fed Meal Prep

Just three sessions in, and Megan saw her website traffic skyrocket by 235%! Even better, she sealed the deal with 5 new clients who discovered her through Google's organic search.

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Now, I have the privilege of coaching food entrepreneurs like you, and helping you turn your dreams into a reality. By sharing my personal insights and industry expertise, I guide you towards success and help you overcome any obstacles you may face along the way. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing my clients achieve their goals and reach new heights in their businesses.

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Oct 27, 2023

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