A Marketer's View on 5g Network - What We Don't Know Will Hurt Us

Whether you like it or not 5G is here to stay. As an online marketer, 5G will help me share content and upload videos faster so that I can influence more people. But at the same time we now understand that these wireless antennas pollute the body with radiation that causes cancer among other health burdens.

Better connectivity will promote business and science to launch us into an age where automation will allow for seemingly limitless possibilities. The prospect of artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, and robots are promising and will surely lead to industries that will help solve problems all around the world.

In addition to business, there is building hype we can integrate this technology with our biology to enhance human characterists and capability. Smart devices may help us track internal processes and take personal charge of our health.

With all these added benefits of speed and bandwidth however, it is necessary to consider the negative health aspects of...

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