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5 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Catering Prices on Your Website

catering pricing catering tips catering website pricing strategies Oct 10, 2023

Should you be showing your catering prices on your website? The short answer is yes; if you don’t, you are leaving money on the table for your competitors to grab.

What do you think happens when potential customers visit your website and click on the catering tab to get more information about your catering services? What is the first thing people want to know about when they want to do business with someone? Price, right? And what do you think happens when you hide that information from them? Do you think you are leaving a good first impression? I will let you think about that for a second!

Okay, times up, let me give you five reasons why sharing a price on your website is a good idea and how I closed catering deals for Zillow, Oakley, and Ford by using this strategy.

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Reason #1 - When You Show Your Catering Prices on Your Website, You Create Trust.

When you hide your prices, that means that you are hiding something. And don’t think for a second that this will benefit your business in any way. But I do understand what you are thinking, you think when you hide your prices, you are able to sell them better because you will have the upper hand. And you might be right. You might be able to sell a few people with higher prices, but what you don’t realize is that you will lose a lot more because you missed out on getting catering leads from all the people who visited your website and they loved your menu and services, but they thought that your prices are probably way too high and just decided to leave your site and visit your competitors' website who shared prices.


Reason #2 - Sharing Your Catering Prices on Your Website Will Make it Easier For you to Sell To Your Ideal Clients.

Here is why. When they see the prices on your website, and they still decide to inquire about your services, you know that they are not just price shopping. So, at this point, you just need to sell the value of your services and not worry about wasting time because of the price. This will save you time and headaches.


Reason #3 - You Will Close More Catering Corporate Clients by Showing Your Prices on Your Website.

I closed catering jobs to companies such as Zillow, Oakley, and Ford because I gave myself a chance to sell to them. Let me explain: Corporate clients have a certain budget that they can use for their corporate functions. So, when an office manager finds your website, and it’s not clear to them how much you charge for catering, do you think they will inquire about it? They might, but 70% of them don’t have the time to do so because their boss just dropped the bomb on them, and they need catering for this week, and they don’t have the time to ask caterers and wait for a response. So simply, they will not risk that, and they will just put in the order with someone who has an easy catering option with the price labeled clearly.


Reason #4 - Sharing Your Catering Prices on Your Website Will Make You Standout From the Competition.

When a potential client visits your website and sees that you have clearly priced out your catering services and have made it easy for them to put in the order, they will be much more likely to put in the order with you. Because the last two websites they visited did not have any kind of pricing, and when they did, they made it very difficult for the website visitor to understand. A lot of times, they will showcase the menu and pricing on a PDF that visitors need to download, and 90% of the time, it’s not mobile-friendly, and people don’t know how to find the PDF after they download it. 


Reason #5 - You Will simply get More Qualified Leads When You Showcase Your Catering Packages With Prices on Your Website.

Imagine getting ten catering leads in one week, and none of the people who inquired about your catering services have any idea of how much you charge for your services. Do you want to leave that to chance and deal with ten people to find out later that they can only afford ten dollars per person? Imagine the waste of energy and time you have to deal with. Don’t you think it would be more efficient if out of the ten people who visited your website, at least five liked the prices and inquired about your services? And these five people suddenly become qualified leads that are much easier to close. So, make sure to have some kind of pricing on your website so you don’t miss out on people who think you are hiding something.

Also, if you are finding yourself getting ghosted by clients after you send out your catering proposals, make sure to watch this video titled - How to Close More Catering Deals & Double Your Closing Rates With This Proposal Strategy.

 Remember to do something differently today, for your business, so you can live a better life tomorrow.  Until next time, take care and start building the business that you love.

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