5 Marketing Tactics to Win Customers For Your New Catering Business

5 marketing for your new catering business tactics to win customers Mar 27, 2020

“Want More Events for Your Catering Company?” Yeah! Then you require a dedicated catering business marketing plan. In this post, we’ve rounded up five powerful marketing tactics to promote and market your catering services.

1.    Have A Stunning Business Website

 A business website is a powerful means to drive more leads and sales.  It lets you share updates, post blogs, and upload catering-event videos & recipe tutorials to effectively connect with your prospective audience.

 The business website must be conversion-focused and must include the below essential features:


  • Clear Navigation
  • High-quality Website Content
  • Convincing Call-To-Action Buttons
  • Social Media Integration
  • Compelling Images & Engaging Videos


Beyond the overall design and content, the website can have unique self-service features like online event booking, easy payments, and customizing party menu.

Work with a local web design company to create a website friendly to use, not just on your desktop, smartphones, laptops but all other smart devices too.

2.    Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials are integral in building trust and credibility for your catering business. Have a systematic plan to get genuine customer feedback. After the event, request the client to give their rating for your catering services to build market reputation.

Share the encouraging customer reviews on your business website and official social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, to spread the word around.

 Track the testimonials and reviews on external sites such as local business directories and customer feedback portals. If there is negative feedback, respond professionally and politely, so the readers have both the sides of the story.

 You can go that extra mile in having a customer referral scheme for recommendations and encourage repeat customers.


3.    Share Professional Photos


 Let your clients visualize what they’ll be getting when they hire your catering company with the help of professional photos. Share high-quality photos on the website, brochures, and different social media platforms to create a strong visual impact.

 Food photography has been a craze lately. Think of the dishes which can capture the attention of your target audience with a single look!

 When uploading photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook consider the image size, use proper hashtags, and write engaging one-liners with each post.

4.    Know Your Local Marketplace

If you don’t know your marketplace, how are you able to target the market? Think local, what’s around you? Your marketplace may include schools, corporate offices, sporting venues, etc.

When you know your local audience, you can understand their needs and budgets to create a well-planned SEO marketing strategy that brings organic traffic to your website and generates business revenue.

SEO may be time-consuming but gives a close insight into the consumer behavior in your local market to drive your next business strategy.

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5.    Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is a dynamic way to maximize your online marketing budget. Top benefits of PPC advertising for your catering business include:

  • Boosting Traffic to Your Website
  • Increasing Sales
  • Increase Brand Recognition with Remarketing
  • PPC Is Measurable & Trackable
  • High-Quality Sales Leads

With Google Ads and other advertising platforms, you get the freedom to select how much you’re willing to spend for a customer to click on your ad.

PPC is perfect for new catering companies that are in the quest to reach out to a wider audience base without waiting months for SEO results.

Final Thoughts

Unless you’ve in-house resources to market the heck out of your brand, it is a no-brainer to entrust a marketing agency.

At Al Shan Marketing, we work hard & smarter to deliver the results you deserve. We connect people to brands. Our marketers will curate an engaging message for your target audience through carefully selecting the right channel, and in accordance with their behavior.

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