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We offer 4 essential marketing strategies to build a successful catering and restaurant business online.


We help you design a great user experience with a strong value proposition, fresh content, and engaging call-to-action for better results.

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We help you identify and attract your target audience by using leads magnets and other marketing strategies to make them come on board.

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We engage your target audience via tailored online digital marketing strategies and other services for both websites and mobile phones.

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We use analytics to understand and optimize your current situation based on valuable data to increase the value of your customer.

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How do our Online Marketing Consulting Services Work?

Our online marketing consulting services start by understanding your catering or restaurant business needs, capabilities, and your ultimate goal.

There is no one template that fits all businesses. We understand that every business is unique and requires a different marketing approach. Our digital marketing experts brainstorm to develop a customized, result-driven strategy to meet your unique business requirements.

Our online marketing strategy consultants help you make the right decisions that result in incremental business growth with more traffic volume and profitability.

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Why do You Need Online Marketing Consulting Services?

We offer full consultancy services and provide you with result-driven end-to-end customized solutions, based on the objective of individual catering businesses. You need online marketing consulting services to:

  • Gain an insightful audit with a comprehensive data-driven approach
  • Add an expert perspective to create an ultimate marketing strategy
  • Get flexible commitment and expertise in different marketing channels

If you are ready to take a leap of faith and give us a chance to work together, it’s about time you  started out with us.

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Online Marketing Consulting Services

Reimagine Business Growth in the Digital World with our Innovative Online Marketing Consulting Services

Having good business ideas is one thing; being able to successfully execute these ideas is totally another. And execution is what is needed for the transformation and growth of your Catering and Restaurant Business.

Al Shan Marketing is a Coaching & Digital Marketing Agency that offers online marketing services to support young entrepreneurs & established leaders in Restaurant and Catering Industry. We help them focus on their business growth by finding unique different ways to create new revenue streams.

We lead you to identify and design new digital capabilities for your catering business and also help you execute them to get the maximum return of investment.

Our services :

  1. Local SEO 

  2. Website Design

  3. Social Media Marketing

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“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

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