5 Best Ways to Advertise your Catering Business

best ways to advertise your catering business May 19, 2020

­­­­5 Best Ways to Advertise your Catering Business

Starting a catering business in such a competitive niche requires the right tools and strategy to make your business the cream of the catering industry. You need to serve the best food and service as well as practice the best marketing strategies to increase your customer base and profit.


Here are five 5 best marketing tips for advertising Your Catering Business.

1.  Determine your Marketing Budget

For caterers and restaurant owners, deciding how to spend your marketing budget is a tough call. It must include both short term advertising such as paid social media posts and long term marketing campaigns.


For most catering businesses, it is recommended that you should keep around 7-8% of the total yearly revenue as the budget for marketing including things like sales collateral and website creation.


However, It is totally your choice to set this percentage according to your needs. A good rule of thumb is to test and measure. If you see that an Ad or marketing strategy is working really well you should double down on that and invest more money into that.

2.  Unlock the Potential for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can help you reach your target audience in the following ways:

Enhance your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can help you improve your search result rankings and drive organic traffic to your website. You can generate more conversions and leads by sharing useful content.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

It allows you to target specific search results. You can also narrow down your advertisement for local searches like wedding catering, Christmas catering, etc.


Go Local

Use local SEO marketing to attract local traffic by using a specific set of keywords related to region or language.


Create and Optimize Google Business Account

  • Use Google posts to create content within your account.
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Verify all your listings.
  • Encourage your customers to review and respond to them (even to the negative reviews).
  • Include your preferred payment methods, hours of operation, and plenty of images.

Optimize for Voice Search

With advanced technology, the voice search will rapidly grow in the future. Therefore, it is important to optimize voice search as a part of your SEO.

3.  Create an Interesting Menu

Writing a specific menu is the first step in starting your catering business. It should be different for your competitors’ catering menus to set you apart from the competition. Follow these few important tips to make your menu more engaging and interesting.

  • Do thorough market research and survey to know local tastes and preferences.
  • Always add your signature dish. If possible, try to add 7 different signature dishes (each for a day in a week).
  • Include some famous dishes from the local cuisines.
  • Use bright red and yellow colors on the menu as they evoke the taste buds and trigger the appetite.
  • Avoid overly descriptive language and hard-to-read fonts.
  • Add high-resolution food images on the menu.


Once you have written your menu, post it on your website and social media accounts. Also, keep the printed flyers of your menu and distribute them at local businesses.

4.  Create a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media

Social media marketing has gone beyond posting just random promotional posts. Nowadays, standing out from the social media crowd is quite challenging for every business.


Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other platform, posting meaningful and memorable content will help you reach the targeted audience.

  • Design a uniform appearance for your social media.
  • Use color, text layovers, image quality, photo filters, and graphic designs to visually stand out on social media.
  • Send a clear message on social media.
  • Create multiple accounts to focus on different areas.
  • Measure the impact of your branding efforts.

5.  Try Video Marketing

In the catering business, video marketing is one of the most effective and visual ways to advertise your delicious menu. You can make videos on sharing practical cooking advice or mouthwatering recipe tutorials, etc.


You can also promote your videos in email newsletters, on social media, and on your website to grab the attention of your targeted audience.


Standing out in the catering industry requires the right marketing strategies to optimize your online presence along with, of course, quality food and top-notch services. Practice these useful tips for marketing and watch your catering business grow.

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