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So, in the quest of expanding your reach to get more business, you launched an exclusive YouTube channel, right? Now, perplexed about how you would get any views on your videos? How to rank your channel on this world’s most popular video-sharing platform.

Herein, in This Blog Post, We’ll Be Sharing Pro Tactics to Make Your YouTube Channel a Grand Success:-

#Tip 1: Make Videos About Topics People Are Searching For

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Yes, you know your niche is hospitality, but you’ve to narrow down what your target audience is searching on YouTube? One of the most common mistakes newbie YouTubers make is creating videos on business-centered themes. Unless your catering business has a substantial global following, nobody cares who you are and what your business does. 

The best way out is to research trending topics and have a high volume of organic traffic in your target market. 

For example, Five Chef Special Healthy Evening Snacks to Stay Fit During Lockdown? How to Host a Family Gets Together While Strictly Adhering to COVID-19 Norms. It works even when you publish your first video on YouTube. 

There are many digital tools available to find new content ideas.  Consult professionals for all the guidance.

#Tip 2: Optimized Video Description

Typically a video description has to be accurate and engaging, describe what your video is about in not more than one or two concise sentences. Also, describe your channel and link it to the channel page. Encourage viewers to subscribe with the subscription link. 

The description has to be well-optimized to rank higher on youtube searchers. Seamless include long-tail keywords that your prospective users may use on YouTube to find similar content. For description aim for 200+ words. 

YouTube algorithms pay attention to the keywords in the two to three sentences. 

Make the description SEO-friendly and engaging for your viewers to read through. You can reach out to a social media marketing services company to help you craft a good description that both your users and YouTube’s search algorithms acknowledge.

#Tip 3: Boost Your Click-Through Rate With a Compelling Title

No matter how good your video is ranking, nobody will click it if it doesn’t have a compelling title to grab attention. That’s why we suggest creating an engaging title to entice instant clicks. 

However, that doesn’t mean you overpromise, like “Five Superfoods to Boost Immunity Overnight.” Yes, you’ll get more views, but it will hamper your channel’s trustworthiness.

So, How Do You Write a Good Video Title:- 

  • Include the main keyword
  • Keep it short and crisp.
  • Focus on the user problem and solution.
  • Leverage consumer emotions

#Tip 4: Create an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

Apart from the title, thumbnail has a key role in improving your video CTR. So, you’ve to create a thumbnail that connects with the audience and encourages them to view your video.

Here Are the Key Thumbnail Tips You Must Know:- 

  • Never include the still from your video: It appears unattractive and often looks out of context.
  • Make sure you use a congruent image: Demonstrate the video solves the user’s problem through the thumbnail.
  • Make use of contrast to your advantage: YouTube is mainly red, grey, and white, so avoid these colours as they blend with the search results.
  • Add descriptive text on your thumbnail: Something short that compliments your title.

#Tip 5: Embed Your Videos in Relevant Blog Posts

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If you have a business blog, add relevant videos in their respective blog posts. For instance, after you’ve uploaded your video on YouTube, you can publish its transcription in the form of a blog to get more views on your YouTube channel.

#Tip 6: Add Relevant YouTube Tags

Several studies in the recent past suggest that the youtube tags these tags aren’t an important ranking factor. But, it takes seconds to fill in, so why ignore it, even if you get one or two users through the hashtags. 

First, set your main keyword as the hashtag, and use all the one-word and long-tail keywords to make sense regarding your video.

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