Top 3 Things a Food Business Website Should Have

food business sales strategies to boost your business growth to incorporate in your website website May 12, 2021

1. Make your Online Ordering information visible on your website.

Make sure that it's clear on your website because it's the most important call to action. Your audience should see it right away. I've seen some websites with so much going on that it's hard to see Online Ordering on their website. You guys know we don't have patience as humans, especially when we're hungry.

We always try to find something quick. The harder you make it for us, the harder it is for you to get our business. So make it simple, have a call to action! Online Ordering: nice and big and red or in whatever color that has contrast on your website. Make sure that it is easily accessible; position it on the top fold.

2. Be sure you have a Squeeze Page, An Opt-In Offer.

See that you have a particular page on your website that displays an opt-in offer that'll help you collect essential customers' information such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

And you can automate all this. You can automate it so when these customers come and join - you'll be like, "Free pizza for first-time customers." Why not? Especially if you're just starting, who wouldn't want that? And if you really believe your pizza is good, that they're going to try it, and they're never going to go somewhere else. Do that!

3. Feature Photos of your Top Three Dishes.

What are your bestselling menu items? Go ahead, and display some enticing pictures of those dishes on your website. Let your audience, your future customers, see how incredible your food items are.

For my restaurant, we were known for our gyros. Our gyros were bomb. People would come three times a week just for a gyro. So I would make sure I have a nice picture of that on the homepage - and it worked wonders! See? All you have to do is present your clients with three of your most in-demand dishes that they can't resist. And soon enough, the orders will keep coming.

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