Social Media Marketing Planner 2021, for Restaurant Owners, Caterers and Chefs

caterers catering company chefs marketing restaurant owners social media planner Apr 26, 2021

The biggest business day in April for food entrepreneurs is only 7 days away. Can you guess what that day is? According to Google, 10k people searched for Easter dinner. That's right it’s Easter, which means a lot of Mulla is going to be spent in your local area. My question to you is, are you taking advantage of this day?  

To Download the "Social Media Marketing Planner" click on this link: Planner 

Unfortunately, a lot of food entrepreneurs are too busy working in their business and they forget to plan for BIG days like these. I like to call them “Big Money Days”. But don’t worry I got your back, I created a marketing planner for food entrepreneurs. And In this planner, you will be reminded 2 weeks before a “Big “Money Day”. For example, Oscar Night is another big day, and that is on April 25th this year. So in your “Social Media Marketing Planner,” you will be reminded on April 12th. - This way, you will have the time, to create your Special Menu for Oscar night, and start promoting it way before your competition starts.

When you are first to remind your followers and customers about this day, before they hear it anywhere else, your engagement and your opportunity to close that sale are much higher than your competition. If you want a copy of that planner, please comment below and I will DM you the link. I hope you understand the value of that. When I was running my restaurant and catering business I had a special menu page for all my offerings for special days like these. Because I understand that people love to spend money on these days. So I made sure that I would do anything to get in front of customers looking for Easter menus.

I would create local Google ads, Social media ads, go live and share my menu with my followers. Post on all my social media handles. I mean everything you could imagine. Days like these are crucial for your food business. It’s basically a great opportunity to make more money and get the attention of new customers. I hope this message inspired you to take action and if you want to make your life easier, comment below and I will DM you the link to download my newest digital marketing tool, to increase your visibility and to close more deals. Thank you for watching and I see you in the next video.

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