How To Get Local Followers From Instagram For Your Restaurant or Catering Business

food business for your restaurant from instagram how to get local followers or catering business May 26, 2021

Do you know how to get local followers on Instagram? 

Let's face it! No one is going to call your restaurant if they are not local followers on your Instagram. "Hi, can I get some tacos today?" No. It doesn't work that way. 

You need to figure out how to get local followers on Instagram to capture leads and generate sales for your business. 

So, let's jump right into it, so I can show you on your mobile phone the STEP-BY-STEP on how you can do this. It is VERY EASY, and it will only take 30 seconds of your precious time to learn this trick. You can take this tip to the bank!

Let's start!



Step #1

You go and click the search icon located on the bottom left next to the home icon. And then click on search and then type in the city of your business. After you searched it, go to the TAGS, and there is where the goldmine is. 

Step #2

Click on the first tags and scroll down the lists. You "like or comment and follow" them as well. And then, try to engage with them! Say something about their posts. That's how you build your local customer list. 

That's a positively influential trick because your local may see you commenting or liking their post naturally, then they will do the same thing with your IG Profile! 

When they see food pictures that they like, they will order lunch from you. That works really well! 

You may repeat the process for the other tags that you've seen earlier. Make sure that the comments were genuine and relevant to the photos.

And yes, that's it! Keep doing this daily. You want to take this seriously and get some business on Instagram, spend about an hour a day or anytime you are online. 



Just do the LCF for them:

L - Like

C - Comment (be genuine and build relationships by asking questions) 

F - Follow (do not follow and then unfollow, the whole point is to build relationships)  

And they will also do the LCF for you:

L - Look for your menu/dishes

C - Crave for it

F - Follow and visit your restaurant

Did you see how easy that was? Just an HOUR-A-DAY will give you tremendous results if you engage with your local customers. 

Give it a shot! 

I guarantee you - you will get customers, but you have to be relentless and consistent. 

Good luck to you, and GO, GET THEM THIS WEEK!

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