I generated an extra $45,000 in 4 Months by discovering a process that changed my life

The 3 Step Process that I discovered by chance, changed my life in a moment. During the worst part of the economy I was able to take care of my family by saving our restaurant. 

WHY IT WORKED:  Figuring out who your ideal customers are and what problems they have, allows you to easily provide the services and products they need. Selling will become seamless and simple once you understand their biggest source of pain, what their hopes & dreams are and what keeps them awake at night.

Once you gather this information you will become your clients "Trusted Source". People will start liking your brand and trusting you when they see that you are creating content & messages that is very specific to their needs.

IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES: No more "COLD CALLING". No more "Wishful Marketing". No more "Guessing Games"!!


Here is how it happened.....

When I started, I was $65,000 in debt from student loans & credit cards.

It had been one year since I graduated from college and was working in an dead end office job.

At the time it was 2008 and the economy had just turned to be one of the worst in US History. During this time my father was struggling with his Italian Restaurant and could not pay the monthly rent.

I hated to see my father like this. I knew I had to do something to help out my family.

I never forget how excited & nervous I was when my dad threw that heavy set of keys at me and said......

"Son! I don't want you to think that you have to make this restaurant business work. You studied hard and have the opportunity to do what ever you want in life."

All I was thinking in my mind is that I better make this work. I did not want to let my family down. This opportunity could be a life changer for my family and I.

From day one I started implementing everything that I thought would help the business.

I decided to sponsor a Local Outreach Program for Artists & other organizations as well.

I put ads in the Penny Saver and the local newspaper every other week.

One day I created the text club which would send out deals once a week to local customers.

I was creating new marketing strategies every few months. One day I decided to run a paid online ad and that's when things started to get really interesting for me. 

And that’s when I knew I was onto something…

The online ad generated an extra $7,000 revenue in the first week. I was shocked to see that kind of a response from a simple online ad. Some of you might think who cares $7,000 is nothing but at the time my daily average sales was $300.

The outstanding result triggered my curiosity to look deeper in my ad. What I discovered was mind boggling. I realized that the 3 Customers that responded to my online ad were all the same type of people. They were all office managers with over 100 employees. And that's when I had my "AHA MOMENT".

- My "AHA" Moment -

My 3 Step Plan was created by chance. I found my ideal customers with my ideal service/product with the ideal online platform.

1. Ideal Customer

My Ideal Customer was Corporate with 100+ Employees

2. Ideal Service/Product

My ideal service was Drop-off Italian Catering

3. Ideal Online Platform

My ideal online advertising platform was Google

But in order to keep generating that kind of money I had to refine my business development. And I had to adjust my business marketing strategy to keep this revenue going.

The following 4 months I generated extra $45,000 total from doing the same thing over again. This concept became very real, very quickly. I kept refining the details to make it even better.

After 2 years of doing this, the revenue increased by 800%. I used this strategy for the rest of the time I was running the restaurant until the day I sold it for a nice profit.

Pretty soon, I was getting asked to teach people how to use my strategy to increase their sales. And that is how Al Shan Marketing came about.

It could happen for you, too.

I’m no different from you. I didn’t have any advantages when I first started. I just figured out a system that worked over & over again. You can use the system as well.


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