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Dave reached his record high in sales in April, 2024 with his meal-prep business.

Dave, the owner of Fit 4U Meal Prep, learned a valuable lesson about offers and lead magnets. 

After he added an irresistible offer with a lead magnet, his sales increased by 30%.

P.S. If you don't use a lead magnet you are losing money everyday👇


Dave's website offer is crushing it 🤑

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Jon made $8,099 in his first 3 months with his catering business...

22 catering leads from organic Google search from his new website in less than 3 months, 7 leads closed at 31% conversion rate, $8,099 made.

He now learned a skill that could feed him for the rest of his life. Now that's priceless!

P.S. Would you rather put the faith of your business in someone elses hands? 

P.S.S That's exactly what you are doing by not learning marketing and sales.

After 3 weeks Megan closed 5 new clients, and she is not tech savy

She made 4 changes to her website and 1 change to her Google Business Profile and that was enough to get her started with free catering leads.  


Meet Mike, the new owner of the restaurant and catering business I built.

Mike made a generous offer to buy my restaurant and catering business, which I accepted in 2018.

Watch this video to hear Mike discuss his journey with me as his coach.