A‌ ‌Mini-Guide‌ ‌on‌ ‌Twitter‌ ‌Marketing‌ ‌for‌ ‌Hospitality‌ ‌ Businesses‌ ‌

Sep 15, 2020
A‌ ‌Mini-Guide‌ ‌on‌ ‌Twitter‌ ‌Marketing‌ ‌for‌ ‌Hospitality‌ ‌ Businesses‌ ‌

 With staggering 313 million global active users, Twitter is an impactful platform for building your hospitality brand and connecting with your prospective audience. 

Today, a massive volume of Twitter users follow and engage with brands, thus a solid reason to start marketing on Twitter. 

But, twitter marketing for your hotel or restaurant isn't a stroll in the park. You've to plan a well-structured strategy in line with brand specifications & fiscal marketing goals. 

Luckily, you've landed on the right guide to unleashing your brand on Twitter. So, without any further delays, let's get on with it.

Golden Rules for Building Your Brand Personality on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful social media channel to spread a word about your restaurant, hotel or catering business, and create a unique identity. 

Here are some fundamental rules to establish your brand identity on this microblogging platform:-

1. Follow Brand Influencers

Search & follow all the major influencers related to the hospitality industry, such as food bloggers & reviewers. 

Don't just tag them in your tweet, but also carefully review their profile.  Analyze how they interact with their consumer base. If any of these followers like what you're saying or something engaging, they might comment on your Tweets as well. 

Even a quick mention can significantly bolster your hotel, restaurant or catering business's identity to thousands of Twitter followers in a couple of minutes. 

It is like a results-driven advertisement, without spending a penny. 

You can consult a credible online marketing services agency to drive relevant traffic to your hospitality website, generate direct bookings, foster customer loyalty & so much more. 

2. Engage but Don't Sell

No Twitter user wants to engage with a brand, who wants to sell something, rather they love to share, like or comment on something unique. 

Tweeting around what is in your catering menu or talking about restaurants won't take you anywhere in your pursuit to create an influencing brand personality. 

Instead, your objective must be to educate & engage with your followers. For instance, you can share the recipe of your chef's special dish that captivates the attention of foodies. 

You can share quirky food facts, like which food is good to boost immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic, etc. 

3. Be Active & Consistent

Just by publishing a tweet or two in a week, and following a couple of influencers, you can't expect your followers to stay hooked to your hospitality brand. 

With Twitter being a home to millions of tweets in a second, it is easy to get lost in this platform. 

Create a proper content strategy, which includes an amalgam of images & videos. To improve user-engagement, be consistent and at least post once in a day about something useful. 

Your posting schedule has to be regular and never refrain from experimenting with your tweets. 

4. Creating a Twitter Voice

A lot of hoteliers brainstorm how they should engage with their Twitter followers. Which language should you be using? Am I too friendly? To answer this simple, think of how you'll communicate with your guests as they enter your hotel or restaurant. 

Your tone needs to be conversational & relaxed. You got to put them at ease, use this approach on Twitter as well.

Please stay clear of sarcastic remarks or personal jokes; keep it simple. But, you must have a little sense of humour, only ensure that it goes down with your followers. 

5. Incorporate Rich Media

Imagery is an effective means to pull the attention of your followers and potential clients. Publish real photos & videos to showcase your catering services in a visually-compelling way. For instance, share the latest video of the private or corporate event you recently catered.  

Or, you can run a campaign during Valentine's week to encourage your followers to submit their pics enjoying the best food and drink they had in your restaurant with their partner. 

6. Know the Food Hashtags

Just because a particular hashtag is trending on the day, you do not have to use it in your Tweet. Sometimes a trendy hashtag may not align your brand. 

Do all the research work to narrow down on the relevant hashtags and ensure it perfectly fits your brand conversion. Otherwise, you'll end up creating a Twitter campaign that doesn't serve any purpose. 

You can also create your unique hashtags, such as #samchicken. The hashtag must be catchy, easy-to-read, and resonates with your hotel, restaurant, or catering brand. 

To Wrap Up

With persistence & practice, you'll master the art of Twitter marketing. But, if you don't have time or social media marketing isn't your cup of tea, we have a panel of qualified marketing wizards to provide tailored social media marketing services. 
Get a proper strategy to grow your reach, target the right audience, and drive leads . If you've any queries or doubts, you can connect with our marketing team at (949) 424-7824. Or, Inbox at [email protected] to book a FREE consultation.

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