Is Pinterest the Underdog In Catering Business Marketing?

Sep 28, 2020

Whenever we talk about social media marketing for a restaurant, catering company or any other hospitality business, Pinterest often falls under the radar. 

Pinterest is an impactful platform to drive highly-convertible traffic to your site, boost daily leads & grow sales. Now, it's time to give Pinterest the attention it deserves in 2020. 

How To Promote Your Catering Business over Pinterest?

Setup Your Profile

Step 1: First things first, you got to set up your business profile on Pinterest. 

Go to the official website; there you'll see several options to Signup using your Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Click Sign up with Email

Step 2: Now, you'll be asked to fill out a quick form. Do not fill this, as you are not creating a personal account, instead, a business profile. Scroll down, until you see "Are You a Business?" click it. 

Step 3: From step 2, you'll be taken to a new form; now, this is for you to fill & submit. 

In this form, keep one thing in mind, that you've to pick "Local Business," this one is for cafes, restaurants, and catering businesses. 

Voila! Your Pinterest business profile is done, now the next part is how to promote your hospitality business on Pinterest, let's find out:-

Promoting Using Boards

Boards in Pinterest are like folders in your D-drive. A board is a collection of Pinterest pins that fall in the same category. 

All the pins and repins that are relevant go in one board. The various board categories for a restaurant on Pinterest are: menu, snacks, main course, events. 

You can create any numbers of boards on Pinterest by clicking "Create a Board." 

Promoting Your Pins

Pins are the fundamental means to promote a business or as an individual on Pinterest. To add a pin, you need to click the "+" icon at the top-right corner of the screen, and then upload "Upload a Pin." After that, you've to upload the image that you want your prospective audience or customers to see. 

It can be the latest pic of the catering event or a real picture of your chef's special recipe. On the whole, keep in mind that the image has high-resolution quality and is appealing to captivate the minds of your viewers. 

You can also pin from your site, by" +" icon, and then provide the URL from where you want the image to be taken.

You can also hire dedicated social media marketing services  which have extensive prowess in Pinterest marketing. This way, you can focus on the other major aspect of managing a hospitality business. 


Repin the images uploaded by local food bloggers or your followers to maximize your profile reach. Make sure each pin that you repin is related to your industry. Pinterest followers may follow your board searching for such pins. 

It is a widely used marketing tactic for Pinterest. You can create a dedicated board where you can publish all the repins. How to do it? When you click, "Pin It" over a Pinterest pin, and then select the board from your profile where you want to add it. 

Engage With Your Audience

Don't think by publishing one or two pins; you can't establish your identity in your operational area. You got to make the efforts to market your establishment on Pinterest. Try these easy-to-implement yet effective Pinterest marketing techniques.

Follower Other Piners

They may follow you back, and you get a follower for your restaurant board, isn't that great?

Like Pins

Most of the Pinterest users keep track of their profile and see who liked and looked through their pins. If you like their pins, they may visit your profile and check out your pins. 

Further, if they find your pins interesting, they might give a thought to giving your restaurant a try. Thus, it is a practical way to drive followers & customers on Pinterest. 


Leave a comment on the pins you like; this works like a charm. 

Show Off Your Dishes

It's pretty clear, whether you run a catering business or a local family bistro. You must take real photos of your chef's delicious food. Post them on Pinterest, to leave your potential customers stunned and hungry for more. 

Connect With your Audience

Make a genuine attempt to socialize with your audience, even if it's online. Make the pins you publish as interactive as possible; try to comment on what other pinner posts.

Follow these Pinterest tactics to create a successful promotional campaign for your business. 

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