How SEO and PPC Work Together for Hospitality Business?

Oct 27, 2020

SEO and PPC are two sides of the same coin.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO  and PPC for Pay Per Click Advertising, combine to script your business's success story.

SEO is imperative to lay the foundation of your brand's online presence, whereas PPC helps your hospitality business to improve its bottom line quickly.

SEO is organic and PPC is paid but in combination, they are a powerful, dynamic marketing weapon to not just beat the competitors but dominate the industry altogether.

Together They Increase Your Business Visibility

It's tempting to take the easy route of spending money in PPC campaigns to increase the search visibility of your catering business and get high-quality leads, but SEO is equally important. These are two marketing strategies that cover different areas of the market.

SEO empowers your business website to ascend in organic rankings, PPC lets you stand out shoulder-to-shoulder on the targeted advertising front. They won't cancel out each other, but double the visibility for your brand online.

Dominating the paid search and organic results will open floodgates of traffic to your business website, moreover, gives an impression that you're established restaurant, caterer or cafe in the area.

And, as your SEO results improve, you can always reduce your spending on PPC Ads. But, never let your guards down as your website will  end up losing its rightfully earned spot on the SERP.

Site Search & PPC Keywords

You could use some elements of SEO to improve the results for PPC strategies.

For instance, to drive measurable results from PPC, you can employ the valuable insights you've gathered from SEO campaigns. Well, there is no guarantee that this formula will convert for your business, but in marketing, you have to fine-tune your strategy and use the insightful data reflecting customer behavior to drive better results.

Similarly, what works for your PPC campaign often works for SEO as well. So, carefully determine which of your PPC ads is performing well, having better lead conversions. You can use the same insights to create SEO-friendly content for the website to improve the rank on Google,Yahoo and other search engines.

Also, PPC ad campaigns are result-oriented. You'll quickly know what's working, and what's not, however, the organic ranking of your business website including meta titles takes time to change. It may take months for your hospitality business’s website rank on the 1st page of the SERP.

If you think digital marketing isn't your cup of tea. seek the expertise of a local SEO marketing agency to create a dedicated SEO and PPC plan for your hospitality business.

Boost Your Social Media Advertising Results

Now, you may wonder what PPC and SEO have to do with social media marketing? It's pretty simple; you can run PPC campaigns on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to get more bookings for your catering business.

For instance, you can draft the PPC ad copies to get clicks from CEOs and managers who frequently organize corporate and team-building events.  Likewise, make regular social media posts to drive organic traffic to your hospitality business website.

Manage Negative Reviews

Agree or not, SEO and PPC combined can help you better control your PR to a great extent. But, the million-dollar question, how does it work? Think for a second you've received bad PR because of a scathing customer review for the catering service.

Once the problem has been rectified, you've to show your clients that you are back to offer quality services as a reliable caterer to clear all the negativity.

To achieve this, you've to set up a PPC campaign and fine-tune your SEO strategy to encourage people to trust you.

For example, you can target negative keywords to direct visitors to your PR statement or any CSR event you have conducted to clear the public image.


No matter how you've partitioned SEO and PPC, one thing you need to know that all the elements work cohesively. Make sure your PPC and SEO experts share data, strategies, and tactics with each other.

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