How Facebook Can Be A Game-Changer For Your Catering Business in 2020?

can be a game-changer for your catering business in 2020? how facebook Mar 27, 2020

With 500,000 new users every day, Facebook is the big daddy of social media. This popular social media platform empowers businesses to strategically target their potential clients based on compelling interests, demographics and many other factors.

 How caterers can use Facebook as a means to grow their brand awareness, bring traffic, keep the audience engaged, and drive revenue?

 Scroll down to know the various reasons suggesting Facebook marketing for your catering company makes so much sense in 2020:

1.    Share Information About Your Catering Business

Your Facebook business page is a place where you can publicize your catering business. Create a brief yet engaging description that connects you with targeted Facebook users. Provide a call-to-action button with which a potential client can connect with you.

 On the Facebook page, talk about the staff, history or any other inspiration aspect of your catering company which can grab the attention of the followers. Post recipe tutorials or live-event videos to gain trust and establish online credibility.

 Facebook also allows users to use hashtags with photos. This feature can be used to reach out to a wider audience base to gain more leads & generate sales.

2.    Bring Traffic to Your Catering Business Website

Facebook marketing has the ability to steer quality traffic to a business website. Visitors who land on the website are more receptive compared to the organic visitors coming from various sources.

Here, Are Proven Ways to Drive Traffic From Facebook to Your Website:

  • Optimize Your Facebook Page for Website Clicks
  • Give Special Offers or Discounts on Exclusive Food Items
  • Turn Likes Into Followers with Sustained User Engagement
  • Optimize Your Facebook Content for Sharing

If you’re new into the catering business, do not think twice hiring a professional company for online marketing services offering tailored solutions to your business needs and goals.

3.    Target Advertising With Facebook

Being a catering business owner, you have the luxury to pay to use the customer insights for creating Facebook marketing campaigns targeted to a specific target group.

For example, you can use Facebook to calculate how many men over a certain age in a certain geographic location have listed “Food and Drink” as an interest. Then, you can create a campaign just for the foodies, and pay for it to appear to those people.

Here, is a Quick List of the Facebook Smart Options for Efficient Advertising:

●       Location

- Advertise to your cities, states, countries, or communities, where your business is operational.

●       Demographics

- Select your audience according to gender age, education, job title, and several other options.

- Add interests to your ad campaigns for reaching out to the right audience. Spanning from “Family and Relationships,” “Action Movies,” “Fitness and Wellness,” to “Organic Food, make the ads more relevant.

●       Customer Behavior

- Modify Facebook ads based on customer behaviors.

●       Connections

- Select to include people who are connected to your Facebook page/event.

- Ensure your catering business is found more often over Facebook, enhance engagement, and sales, contact Al Shan Marketing for cut-throat strategies for advertising your catering business in the local market.

- Happy Facebook Marketing!

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