How to Advertise for Free with Facebook

advertise facebook for free how to Apr 17, 2019

Learn how I used Facebook to advertise for free and reach all my local customers. You have to add your customers as friends to really take advantage of this strategy.

For my restaurant business, I would incentive customers to like the business Facebook page by offering complimentary menu items.

"Like our facebook page and enjoy a free cookie or coffee on the house" click here to watch the video

Once they are connected to the business page, you can funnel them to your personal page by individually adding them later.

They will now see your posts and now you have an opportunity to establish an emotional connection to your customers as you share your life with them and vice versa. As you engage their profile with likes and comments, you trigger Facebook's algorhythms to have you appear on their feed more often.

Keep in mind that the goal is to establish rapport and build a relationship. Now you can start advertising to your customers on a more personal level. Rather than going for the quick/hard sell, you can casually advertise in a way that feels comfortable and agreeable with your new Facebook friends.

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