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clients find ideal marketing online your Feb 15, 2019

After spending $50,000 on Google Ads & almost losing my Restaurant Business, I turned it around & made an extra $45,000 in the next 4 months.

 Here is what happened....

At first when I started my Google Campaign everything was great. Customers were calling me and I was closing catering deals left and right. And then after a few years something dramatically changed. I was spending the same amount of money on ads but the phone stopped ringing.

After running my ads for about $50,000 and only closing about $10,000 worth of business I decided to take a closer look into my business. I realized that I was spending ad-clicks on too many different services & products. I also figured out that the majority of my good customers are corporate managers & HR employees. 

And that's when I had my "AHA MOMENT"

 So, when I figured this out I changed my ads to target my ideal customers; and once again, everything changed for the better. Because my messages was specific to my ideal client (HR Manager) they would get attracted to my ads instead of my competitors. Look at this next image & you will see how detailed I became to understanding my perfect customers. 

So after knowing my ideal customer inside out I was able to create ads like the following to attract them online. Look at the middle sample ad that I created. You see how I talk directly to the needs of a HR Manager or a Office Manager.

         After I focused only on our Ideal Customers

  1. Our customers Loved doing Business with Us
  2. We didn’t have to spend a lot of Money on Ads
  3. Life just Became Better
  • Remember knowing your perfect customer will help you market, sell, and deliver far more effectively than any approach.
  • Figuring out whom your ideal customers are and what problems they have, allows you to provide the services and products they need.
  • When you understand their biggest source of pain, what their hopes & dreams are, what keeps them awake at night, only then will selling become simple.

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